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Watch Ping Pong:

Simple Pong like casual game for the Apple Watch

Save My Spaceship:

Simple, endless, free to play space shooter:

Try to survive as long as possible:
A laser is moving down to destroy your ship. Collect falling objects with the correct color to move him up again. Be careful collecting the wrong objects will move the laser down again.

Share your score with your friends, using Facebook, Twitter, GameCenter or Mail and challenge them.

Please let me know, about your ideas how to improve the game.

Copyright: Stefan Josten

Status: Released 
First version 10/2015
Current version: 1.0

15 Puzzle Game for Watch, Pad and Phone:

Simple puzzle game inspired by the 15 Puzzle for Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad.

Slide the numbers or picture snippets into the right order against the time.
Select your own pictures from camera roll.
Three difficulty modes: 4x4, 6x6 or 8x8 tiles.
Best score for each mode is stored.

Copyright: Stefan Josten
First version 05/2015
Current version: 3.0


15 Puzzle Apple Watch Game15 Puzzle Apple Watch Game

15 Puzzle Apple Watch Game

15 Puzzle iPhone

15 Puzzle iPhone

15 Puzzle iPhone

15 Puzzle iPhone

Yet Another Spaceshooter:

Simple touch controlled Space-shooter based on my tutorials

Also for AppleTV

Copyright: Stefan Josten

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Version 2.4: First version: 01/2015

My Second Game:

Simple touch controlled Open Source Space-shooter based on my tutorials

Copyright: Stefan Josten
Available on GitHub

Related GameDev Tutorials: SpriteKit & Swift
Version 0.7.1: Submitted to AppStore 02/2015


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