Friday, July 10, 2015

Quick Tip: Combine iAd and AdMob Ads for iOS in SWIFT

Use iAd and AdMob ads in the same app

Today I'll show how to use iAd together with AdMob ads. If you use the interstitial ads provided by Apples iAd frequently, you might have seen that the fill rate is not always 100 percent:

One reason could be that there was just not enough time to load the new content. This tutorial shows how to improve the fill rate by requesting a Google AdMob ad in parallel. Depending on the availability, the iAd or the AdMob ad will be shown.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Quick Tip: Integrate iAd banners in your iOS App with two lines of code

The easiest way to add an iAD banner to your app

Today I'll show a very simple way to integrate an ad banner to your iOS app. Most tutorials (including mine) explain the complex version by implementing the ADBannerViewDelegate protocol. If you don't care about error handling, animations, positioning or the maximum number of allowed banner instances (10!): There is a much easier way which requires only two lines of code in SWIFT.

I've published an update for my (Watch) puzzle game in the Apple App Store

Yet Another (Watch) Puzzle Game:

Simple puzzle game inspired by the 15 Puzzle for Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad.
New in version 1.3: Puzzle mode - slide image tiles instead of numbers.

 iOS Simulator Screen Shot - Apple Watch 21 May 2015 22.36.29